QEP Development

The QEP Process Timeline is divided into two phases. This planning process provided many opportunities for all faculty, staff and students to participate.

Summer 2012

Our Inquiry ARC pilot faculty have met and are designing their courses.

Spring 2012

A critical thinking Learning Circle will be led by Mary Lynn Manns, Lorena Russell and Chris Godfrey during four Fridays in February. To participate, contact Mary Lynn MannsLorena Russell, or Chris Godfrey.

The Call for Inquiry ARC Teaching Scholars (An Invitation to Educators for the QEP Pilot Year) is due on Feb 1, 2012.

Twenty-seven Inquiry ARC Teaching Scholars proposals were received; twelve were selected and announced on March 1st: Laura Bond, Marietta Cameron, Jay Cutspec, David Gillette, Jinhua Li, Merritt Moseley, Meg Moss, Mike Ruiz, Connie Schrader, Anne Slatton, Cathy Whitlock, Amanda Wray.

The QEP team continues to encourage the campus to invite us to departments, committees and classes. We will be glad to discuss the opportunities offered in the Inquiry ARC and address your questions. Contact Mary Lynn Manns.

March 27-29, 2012 are the dates our reaffirmation committee will be visiting our campus for the on-site review. Their visit, which will encompass some compliance-related work but mostly QEP-related work, provides us with an opportunity to host ten of our colleagues from colleges and universities throughout the SACS region. We look forward to their visit!

Fall 2011

The sections in our 70+ page QEP draft is available to the campus.  We welcome your ideas and look forward to your participation. Watch your email for details on accessing the draft and providing feedback.  

A critical thinking Learning Circle will be led by Mary Lynn Manns beginning September 8.

Summer 2011

The QEP development process continues as the team works on drafting the document this summer.

In preparation for the launching of our QEP in 2012/2013, the first in a series of development opportunities on the focus of our QEP - critical thinking - was offered to faculty and staff on June 28: Building a Critical Thinking Culture  slides and handout. Watch for more development opportunities in the upcoming months.

Spring 2011

In Phase 2 of the process, The QEP Leadership Team focused the project (based on 13 criteria) and developed the QEP plan. 

Campus faculty, staff and students were given opportunities to provide input into the QEP draft outline by attending a Focus Group during the spring 2011 semester. Look for more opportunities during the upcoming fall 2011 semester.

Fall 2010

In Phase 1, there were four opportunities for input into the QEP topic selection in Fall 2010.

(1)  Survey #1: From August 23 through September 3, 2110, faculty, staff and students were invited to participate in a campus-wide electronic survey to determine a broad area for the QEP. Results of this survey can be found in the Broad Area Survey Report.

(2)  Survey #2: During October through mid-November 2010, ideas were solicited from the faculty, staff and students for the specific topic within this broad area. A QEP Leadership Team subcommittee read all the ideas and categorized them into seven topic categories that formed the basis for the third survey.

(3)  Survey #3: In early December 2010, the faculty, staff, students, and alumni had the opportunity to vote on the topic category. Results of this survey can be found in the Topic Category Survey Report.

 (4)  Throughout the Fall semester, "World Cafe" sessions were held for faculty, staff and students to foster dialogue about ideas that would enhance student learning at UNC Asheville.