Calls for Proposals

We invite you to help design and implement Inquiry ARC into new or existing courses and learning experiences for the next academic year. Future calls will be pending for opportunities in coming academic years.

Participating educators will be expected to revise their courses or learning experiences to accommodate Inquiry ARC pedagogies and to help students think critically. Educators will also be expected to attend professional development workshops before involving students in the Inquiry ARC learning experience and faculty will be further asked to participate in program assessment. 

Your acceptance into the program signals your willingness to...

  1. include student learning outcomes on critical thinking in your class or experience;
  2. include one or more inquire-apply-reflect-communicate experience(s) in your class;
  3. attend each of the professional development sessions (see specific calls below for dates);
  4. participate in our program assessment (see below for details).

Faculty will be asked to participate in program assessment that includes a report on two in-course assessments, one on your use of critical thinking pedagogy and one on student demonstration of critical thinking through an imbedded pre-post assessment exercise you design. Please see our assessment page for more details on assessment expectations.

Co-Curricular Inquiry ARC Experience Applications

The deadline for current experience proposals is 30 September 2016.

Examples of co-curricular Student Learning Experiences might include residence halls, athletics, centers affiliated with the university, and non-academic departments and programs, anywhere where students might benefit from developing their critical thinking outside for-credit classes. Staff members must have approval from their supervisors to participate if they are teaching during regular work hours. Fall 2016 professional development activities for our Spring 2017 cohort include a one-time reading circle (December 7, 1:00-3:00PM), redesign workshops on December 15, 10:00AM-4:00PM (lunch included) and 8:00AM-12:00PM December 16 (breakfast included). Participants will be asked to meet twice during the spring semester.

Submit a proposal for a co-curricular Inquiry-ARC learning experience.

Classroom Inquiry ARC Experiences Application

The deadline for classroom proposals is 30 September 2016.

Faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for classes. First-time faculty participants will be compensated $1000 for participation in the professional development workshops, assessment, and ongoing reflection and evaluation of semester or term courses. Second-time participants will be compensated $250 for their work. Grants and travel funds are also available, as well as additional support for your classes during the semester. Fall 2016 professional development activities for our Spring 2017 cohort include a one-time reading circle (December 7, 1:00-3:00 PM), redesign workshops on December 15, 10:00AM-4:00PM (lunch included) and December 16, 8:00AM-12:00PM (breakfast included). Participants will be asked to meet twice during the spring semester. The group will decide any additional shorter sessions as well as fall semester meeting times.

Submit a proposal for an Inquiry ARC course.

Inquiry ARC Reapplication Form (for returning instructors)

The deadline for returning applicants is just prior to fall or spring break.

We have several levels for continued involvement with Inquiry ARC. It's vital to the success of the program that we track all active participants, so if you are still using Inquiry ARC, please let us know!

Once you've been through the first year, we offer two stipend options for continuing faculty:

  • Second year faculty will earn a $250.00 stipend (with expectations for participating in program assessment).
  • Third year (and beyond) continuing faculty are invited to participate as Inquiry ARC mentors with $250.00 stipend (expectation for assessment, meeting with mentors and general participation in Inquiry ARC events).

Of course you can also elect to continue without a stipend, and while we'd hope that you participate in assessment, you can opt out of that process if you are not receiving any stipend.
We offer classroom resource support and travel support for professional development to all participants.

Submit a proposal for continuing with Inquiry ARC.